Meet the Independents: Ra’Chaun Rogers

Ra’Chaun Rogers is one of the most underrated talents that has been on the indie comic scene since 2006! He currently runs the blog nelomaxwellexperience, has written a few articles for, and is an all-around cool dude. Rogers has written the Indy comic book series Lawful Evil and The Menagerie: Entangle. This month we spotlight Ra’Chaun Rogers creator of Dark Spider!

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Nubia & the Amazons (2021-) Review

After the thrilling events of Infinite Frontier, Nubia becomes queen of Themyscira, but the new title also brings challenges. With the unexpected arrival of new Amazons, our hero is forced to reckon with her past and forge a new path forward for her sisters. Little does she know, a great evil grows beneath the island and it’s up to this former guardian of Doom’s Doorway to unite her tribe before paradise is lost forever! This unforgettable miniseries from writers Vita Ayala and Stephanie Williams, along with all-star artist Alitha Martinez (Future State) brings the fan-favorite character back to the DCU for good. After Nubia, the world of the Amazons will never be the same!

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Phillipus (Characater)

Philippus is a high ranking Amazon general on Paradise Island and a long time ally of Wonder Woman and her mother, Queen Hippolyta. She was the Captain of the Guard for many years until the abolishment of the monarchy, when she was elected Chancellor and Archon Eponymous, in charge of day-to-day rule, with Artemis as polemarch in charge of military matters.

She was created by George Pérez, first appearing in Wonder Woman (Volume 2) #1 (1987).

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Milestone Initiative launched to identify and empower Black and diverse creators!

DC is looking to “identify, educate, spotlight, and empower” the next generation of Black and diverse creators in the comic book industry with the Milestone Initiative, a new program as part of the publisher’s new talent development program, Next Generation DC (NGDC), designed so that “the stories of the next century are truly reflective of the world around us.”

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DC FanDome 2021: Black Adam – Official Teaser

Dwayne Johnson stars as the titular antihero in this DC Comics epic that introduces the Justice Society to the big screen. The cast includes Aldis Hodge as Hawkman, Pierce Brosnan as Doctor Fate, Noah Centineo as Atom Smasher, Quintessa Swindell as Cyclone, and Sarah Shahi as Adrianna Tomaz, as well as Marwan Kenzari, James Cusati-Moyer, and Bodhi Sabongui. The New Line/DC Film is directed by Jaume Collet-Serra.

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Icon and Rocket: Season One #2 Review

Who is the mysterious Xiomara? She’s an attorney with a unique set of skills…and if you’re Raquel “Rocket” Ervin, she’s who you want in your corner when the United States government comes knocking on your door, asking questions about your friendship with the all-powerful alien known as Icon! A secret identity doesn’t get you far when every intelligence operation in the world is hunting you…

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10 Black Mutant Villains that should be part of the Hellions X-men Squad!

The Zeb Wells written X-men title Hellions (2020) has proven to be one of the more enjoyable reads on my pull list since it made its debut. The only problem, however, which I have already raised in my House of X: The Black Mutant Listing which had around 100 entries as of now. It got […]

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Latino Heritage Month: The Blatino Superhero Listing

Its National Hispanic Heritage Month BUT over here we celebrating Blatino superheroes! Believe it!

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HCYSNG Ornamente Faceless Puppe Weihnachtssocken Candy Bag Gesch

Publisher: DC Comics Created by: Tom Taylor, Bruno Redondo 1st appearance: Suicide Squad #1 2019 Nationality: Solamia Team Affiliations: Suicide Squad, Revolutionaries Legal Status: Unknown Height: 6’2                   Weight: 210 lbs Eye color: Black             Hair color: Black (Dreads) Relatives: Unknown Skills and abilities: Unknown Powers: Can choose from six deadly […]

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Milestone Mondays: World’s Collide Original art

Taking a page out of my Tribal Tuesdays column this week we spotlight this exquisite piece of original art courtesy of Joe Illidge. This is an original piece (Unpublished) for Milestone’s Icon #16. The published version had both heroes depicted in equal stature but the alternate has Icon’s glorious cape spread wide like the wings […]

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